Music Videos

Skinny Puppy: Ain't I Dead Yet
Live in Toronto 1987.

Ministry: In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up
Live 1990/1991.
Ogre on backing vocals/guitar/keyboards.

Pigface: Son Of A Glitch
Live 1994.
Ogre on vocals.

Wax Trax Black Box Vol.2 (various artists)
Ogre appears in the Revolting Cocks video Stainless Steel Providers.

Skinny Puppy: Video Collection
Music videos from 1984 to 1992.

Skinny Puppy: The Greater Wrong Of The Right Live
Live in Toronto and Montreal 2004.

Movies and Soundtracks

Movie: Robocop, 1990.
Song: Show Me Your Spine. Band: PTP
The song can be heard in the movie, but does not appear on the soundtrack album

Movie: Bad Influence, 1990.
Song: Who's Laughing Now? Band: Skinny Puppy

Movie: The Doom Generation, 1995.
Ogre has a very small non-speaking part as a gang member along with cEvin Key and D.R. Goettel

Movie: Suburbia, 1996.
Song: Cult. Band: Skinny Puppy.

Movie: An American Warewolf In Paris, 1997.
Song: Hardset Head. Band: Skinny Puppy

Movie: The Blair Witch Project, 1999.
Song: Draining Faces. Band: Skinny Puppy
Josh's Blair Witch Mix, the song appears on the CD only

Movie: Life As A House, 2001. Song: Water. Band: ohGr
The song can be heard in the movie, but does not appear on the soundtrack album

Movie: Underworld, 2003. Song: Optimissed. Band: Skinny Puppy.
This is the only official release of this song

Movie: Saw II, 2005. Song: Rodent (remix). Band: Skinny Puppy

Movie: Saw V, 2008. Song: ugLi. Band: Skinny Puppy
This soundtrack is digital release only.

Movie: Repo! The Genetic Opera, 2008.
Ogre performs as Pavi Largo. This is Ogre's first major acting role.

Movie: The Devil's Carnival, 2012. Song: Beautiful Stranger, Ogre and Briana Evigan.
Ogre plays the part of The Twin and appears on track 6 of the soundtrack.

Movie: Scream Park, 2013
Ogre plays the part of Iggy


TV Show: Fear Itself (NBC), episode # 6 "New Years Day". Original Air Date: July 17, 2008.

Songs: Testure and Minus were both featured in the same episode.
Bands: Skinny Puppy and ohGr

TV Show: Teen Wolf (MTV).

Season 6 Episode 1 "Memory Lost". Original Air Date: November 15, 2016.
Season 6 Episode 2 "Superposition". Original Air Date: November 22, 2016.
Season 6 Episode 3 "Sundowning". Original Air Date November 29, 2016.
Ogre plays the part of The Ranger.