News, Rumors, and Updates: (last modified 12.07.2017) The release of the new ohGr album, Tricks, has been delayed. Tricks was originally scheduled to be released in digital format on 10.31.2017 but due to mastering issues the Halloween release was cancelled. A new release date has been set for 01.26.2018. It has been confirmed on the PledgeMusic site that ohGr will embark on a tour in support of Tricks. The KMFDM Hell Yeah! Tour, according to a video posted on PledgeMusic, was a warm-up tour.

Visit PledgeMusic to pre-order the forthcoming ohGr album, Tricks. Go to the ohGr PledgeMusic page (click the PledgeMusic logo below) and order Tricks and other limited edition and one-of-a-kind items, including Undeveloped on vinyl.