Ogre first appeared with KMFDM on their song "Torture" from the 1997 "SYMBOLS" album. He wrote the lyrics and sings lead vocals.

That same year, Ogre toured the U.S. with KMFDM. He sang "Torture" and Abby Travis' vocal parts in the live version of "Waste." Ogre did not join KMFDM for the Canadian dates.

In 1998, Ogre once again joined KMFDM to record ADIOS which was released the following year. He appears on two songs, "That's All" and "Full Worm Garden." Ogre wrote the lyrics and sings lead vocals on "Full Worm Garden." The lyrics for "That's all were a collaboration between Ogre and En Esch. Ogre wrote the verse lyrics and sings lead vocals, En Esch wrote the chorus lyrics. KMFDM broke-up following the release of ADIOS. Even though the band has reformed, Ogre has not worked with them again and neither "That's All" or "Full Worm Garden" have even been performed live.