Track List

Scarecrow, K Y Re: amin, Reputake, Downtown, Imago, Crackhead Waltz, The Daze, And When, Idle Contact, Exfoliate, For Dusts And Mists

Released in 1998, this was a one-time collaboration between Ogre and Martin Atkins of Pigface. Ogre and Atkins met while touring with Ministry in '89/'90.

Some facts about the CD: There are two cover songs on Bedside Toxicology, "Scarecrow" was originally recorded by Pink Floyd in 1967 and "Downtown" was originally recorded by Petula Clark in 1964. Ogre plays guitar on "Scarecrow." The beginning of the song "For Dusts And Mists" is a sample from a recording Atkins made of Ogre feeding his dogs at Shangri La where Skinny Puppy recorded The Process which Atkins helped produce. The woman on the cover of Bedside Toxicology is Jessika White, Ogre's ex-wife. She took all of the photographs featured throughout the Digipak including the self-portrait on the cover. Ogre received full writing credit for "The Daze."

The idea behind the name Rx (originally called Ritalin) came from Ogre who researched the drug by interviewing his brother, a medical doctor practicing in Canada and children who were taking the drug. The lyrics came from his research and apparently his own experience with the drug.

>In 2006 Martin Atkins released Rx Dubs, a collection of remixes from Bedside Toxicology. Rx Dubs is limited to 500 hand numbered copies, each signed by Martin Atkins. A t-shirt was also included with each CD. The front of the shirt is the Rx logo and the back reads "The Smell Remains The Same". The packaging was done very cheaply with a sticker on a black Digipak. The CD itself is a CD-R.

picture from Underground, Inc.

The track list is: Exfoliate (Order of Death Mix 1), Downtown (happy again dub), Exfoliate (Sparce Mix), Idle Contact (Twitch Scratch Mix), K Y Re:amin Dub, Reuptake (Synth & Drums Mix), And When (Are You There Mix), Imago (Drum and Vocals Up Mix), For Dusts And Mists (Hero + Sedu).

Ogre was not involved in the making of Rx Dubs.