Skinny Puppy U.S. Tour 2004

Skinny Puppy North American Tour 2004

The Band:
Nivek Ogre: Vocals, cEvin Key: Keyboards & Electronics, William Morrison: Guitar, Justin Bennett: Percussion

(first leg)

Opening for Skinny Puppy was Tweaker, Otto Von Schirach, and Cyrusrex.

June 11, 2004 Portland, OR,

June 12, 2004 Seattle, WA,

June 15, 2004 Chicago, IL,

June 16, 2004 Chicago, IL,

June 17, 2004 Detroit, MI,

June 19, 2004 Boston, MA,

June 20, 2004 New York, NY,

June 21, 2004 New York, NY,

June 22, 2004 Washington, DC,

June 23, 2004 Philadelphia, PA,

June 25, 2004 Atlanta, GA,

June 26, 2004 New Orleans, LA,

June 27, 2004 Houston, TX,

June 29, 2004 Denver, CO,

July 1, 2004 San Francisco, CA,

July 2, 2004 Los Angeles, CA,

July 4, 2004 Anaheim, CA

(second leg)

Opening for Skinny Puppy was Otto Von Schirach

October 14 San Diego, CA

October 15 Las Vegas, NV

October 16 Tempe, AZ

October 17 Albuqerque, NM

October 19 San Antonio, TX

October 20 Dallas, TX

October 22 Sauget, IL

October 23 Kansas City, MO

October 27 Tampa, FL

October 28 Orlando, FL

October 29 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

October 30 Jacksonville, FL

October 31 Charlotte, NC

November 02 Baltimore, MD

November 04 Hartford, CT

November 05 NYC, NY

November 06 Sayreville, NJ

November 07 Pittsburgh, PA [Review]

November 09 Montreal, QC

November 10 Toronto, ON

November 12 Detroit, MI

November 13 Cleveland, OH

November 15 Cincinnati, OH

November 18 Milwaukee, WI

Below is the complete set list for the first leg of the tour:







God's Gift (Maggot)

Glass Houses

VX Gas Attack




Tin Omen

Hardset Head

Harsh Stone White

Human Disease (S.K.U.M.M.)


The second leg set list was slightly different. Neuwerld and Glass Houses were not played. Hexonxonx and Deep Down Trauma Hounds were added to the regular set.

The encores, however, changed from city to city as did the number of songs they played in the encores which ranged from 2 to 4 songs. Songs included in the encores were Smothered Hope, The Choke, Testure, Convulsion, Blue Serge, and Deep Down Trauma Hounds (first leg).

European Tour 2004-2005